What is all of this stuff? What is CWOP, MADIS, WX, etc.?

This is live data from my personal automated surface weather (WX) station at home. I participate in programs to which I share my WX data in real-time, notably CWOP/APRSWXNET, in order to help enable better WX forecasts...

The Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) is a network of privately owned electronic weather stations in the United States. Network participation allows volunteers with computerized weather stations to send automated surface weather observations to the National Weather Service (NWS) by way of the Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS). This data is then used by the Rapid Refresh (RAP) forecast model to produce short term forecasts (3 to 12 hours into the future) of conditions across the United States' lower 48 states. Observations are also re-distributed to the public.


Learn more about CWOP/APRSWXNET:

WX Observations from this Station (APRS and otherwise)

WX Data Quality Assurance / Quality Checks for this Station


APRS(WXnet) Callsign:
665 feet AMSL
44° 03.30' N, 091° 38.88' W
WX Station Tech Details:
RainWise-MKIII , WeeWX, FreeBSD & Linux. (Sensor Telemetry)
Web Server:
Apache HTTP Server & FreeBSD